Dragon City Mega Apk - Unlimited Food & Jems

 The Aim of Dragon City is to raise, incubate and gather mythical serpents, battle different winged serpents and win prizes. 

Breed Dragons to gather, Unique, Rare and Legendary Dragons. 

Incubate your remarkable eggs in the incubator and spot them in their living spaces to acquire gold. Every Dragon procures various measures of gold, the higher the level the more they acquire so make certain to click their natural surroundings to gather. Additionally to cause your Dragons to acquire more, utilize the lifts accessible after chose levels, there is a lift for each territory so try to utilize the greatest sum to procure more gold. 

Fabricate ranches to develop food, to even out your Dragons. The higher you level your Dragon, the more food it requires so make a point to have a lot of ranches, and to redesign sooner rather than later. 

Diamonds are uncommon and not really simple to get. Try not to squander them, clutch them to get significant things like Hatchery Upgrades to have the option to incubate more eggs all at once, The Ultra Breeding Tree to have the option to raise two arrangements of Dragons all at once, and Island developments to set aside more space for additional Dragons. You can acquire diamonds by finishing objectives, battle and finishing pages in The Book of Dragons. 

The Stadium and Combat is the place where the fun genuinely starts, Pick three of your hardest Dragons to battle different Dragons and players to win those valuable jewels and gold. The more fights you win, the harder they get so make certain to overhaul your Dragons assaults in the Training Center sooner rather than later. 


There is no quick method to acquire jewels other than purchasing, however why get them when you can get them for nothing? Complete all missions by Deus (Quest supplier) that will give you cash, diamonds, experience, play by his arrangements and you will accomplish significantly more than attempting to find for yourself. 

Additionally fabricate a Stadium straightaway, like clockwork you will actually want to battle and get 2 diamonds each time you win, or potentially basically by winning in the battle world mythical serpent associations as well as finishing pages in the Dragon Book. 


Food is fundamental in each mythical serpent city as it is the best way to even out your winged serpent. There a few different ways to acquire food, the primary way being through ranches. Make certain to proceed to assemble and overhaul your ranches as you level on the grounds that as your Dragons get to more significant levels they will require increasingly more food. The alternate method to get food is through your market or gifts, albeit this isn't suggested as an essential source as it just gives you little lifts.

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