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 You can add another winged serpent to your island by either reproducing an egg from two mythical beasts, or by incubating an egg you purchase immediately. Rearing can be begun by tapping on the Breeding Mountain and choosing 'Breed'. There, you select the two Dragons you might want to mate together, and trust that an egg will appear. Snap on it to incubate it in the Hatchery and trust that your child mythical serpent will be born.By taking care of your mythical beast, it will step up, get more grounded in fight and produce more gold income. Albeit a few mythical serpents' story says that they incline toward a specific sort of food, it doesn't really have an effect which food you select on the ranch; the eventual outcome is just 'food'. 

Winged serpent City's primary allure is obviously found in exploring different avenues regarding rearing every one of the various types of mythical beasts, from the basic Earth winged serpent, to the impossible to miss Penguin winged serpent to the great Star mythical beast. 

Any mythical beast can mate with another winged serpent to deliver an egg, as there is no qualification between male or female mythical serpents in Dragon City. Be that as it may, the achievement rate can contrast a great deal between animal varieties. The guidelines are: 

Reproducing any Elemental winged serpent with another Elemental sort will consistently create another kind of mythical beast. 

Now and again, various mythical serpents can be brought forth by mating similar pair of mythical serpents. For example, mating an Earth mythical serpent with a Fire mythical beast, will now and then create a Flaming Rock winged serpent, while different occasions it will deliver a Volcano mythical serpent. 

Rearing an Elemental mythical beast with a Hybrid winged serpent (the aftereffect of reproducing two different winged serpents), or a Hybrid mythical beast with another Hybrid mythical serpent, will just at times produce another sort of winged serpent. For example, rearing a Mud mythical serpent with a Dark mythical serpent will deliver a Poo winged serpent. Reproducing a Flaming Rock mythical serpent with an Earth winged serpent nonetheless, will create another Earth mythical serpent. 

On the off chance that from the outset you don't succeed, attempt once more. Specific kinds of winged serpents can be extremely difficult to raise, yet continue to attempt and in the end you will actually want to get the more extraordinary sorts. 

Every mythical serpent has three 'developments'. It begins in its child structure at level 1, develops into an alternate structure at level 4, and arrives at its last structure at level 7. A mythical beast can begin rearing when it arrives at level 4.

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